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We promise WE18 will be three unforgettable days of networking, learning, and celebrating. The Annual Conference of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is in Minneapolis, MN, October 18-20, 2018.

The theme for WE18 is Let’s Break Boundaries. Facing challenges and breaking through barriers is something SWE has done since its inception in 1950. The conference itself breaks boundaries by being the largest gathering of women engineers across all major engineering disciples.

Ashley Mikolajczyk is a Ph.D. student and full-time faculty member at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She also has a daughter.

“I want to encourage her by not sacrificing. You can still have a family and have a career and achieve your life goals,” says Ashley. “Attending WE helps me break boundaries by meeting people and networking. The more people you meet, especially women in the same field, allows you so many opportunities you couldn’t imagine.”

Thousands of women in engineering and technology will connect with one another and celebrate how they are breaking boundaries every day. They’re crashing through barriers: graduating from engineering schools around the globe, working at top engineering firms, and innovating solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. All women engineers, experienced professionals, leaders, those in the early stages of their careers, and engineers still pursuing their college degrees, are breaking boundaries both personally and for women around the world.

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